when iodine (i2) is mixed with water the water dissolves

the oxygen from water bonds with the iodine. > pure iodine has a violet colour. when iodine is in a nonpolar solvent it stays violet. iodine and water can have dipole-induced dipole interactions in which either end of the water dipole can induce a temporary dipole in the iodine molecule. however iodine can also act as a lewis acid (an electron acceptor).

fda raises questions about hospital hand sanitizers - cbs news

washington --to fight infections hospital workers can hit the hand sanitizer a hundred times or more a day. now the government wants more study of whether that is safe and how well it actually

what happens when you mix iodine and starch answersdrive

lugol's iodine also known as aqueous iodine and strong iodine solution is a solution of potassium iodide with iodine in water. taken by mouth it is used to treat thyrotoxicosis until surgery can be carried out protect the thyroid gland from radioactive iodine and to treat iodine deficiency.

iodine: uses and risks - webmd

iodine is a mineral that's important for good health. it's available in the u.s. as an fda-approved treatment and a supplement. that's a noncancerous condition that happens to some women

how to make sure you have clean water while camping or

so what happens if you run out of water and don’t have access to a source of clean safe water you’ll want to turn up the heat at your campsite. “boiling is the most effective method of treating water in the backcountry to make it safe for drinking but impractical for most backpackers” potteiger says.

how does iodine react with water - quora

iodine reacts with water to some extent to give a mixture of hydroiodic acid and iodic(i) acid - also known as hypoiodous acid. the reaction is reversible and at any one time only about 0.05% of the iodine molecules have actually reacted and othe

iodine (i) and water - lenntech

iodine is naturally present in water. the average concentration in seawater is about 60 ppb but varies from place to place. rivers usually contain about 5 ppb of iodine and in mineral sources some ppm can even be found.

how to purify water using iodine tincture: 6 steps (with

how to purify water using iodine tincture: when you're in the wilderness you need clean water to drink -- but water sources in the wilderness can carry bacteria such as giardia. you don't want giardia trust me and trying to carry a few jugs of poland spring would be extremely heavy and

diffusion starch and iodine - evolving sciences

starch and iodine . in this experiment we will be observing the the movement of molecules through a semi permeable membrane. students will be able to observe how some molecules (starch) are too large to pass through a membrane while smaller molecules (iodine) can freely move.

what happens when you add iodine to water - answers

as you know that iodine act as indicator for testing of starch so when a drop of iodine is added to starch it turns bluish black but when added to distilled water nothing happens except the colour

diffusion and osmosis iodine starch experiment with bag

the iodine molecules are small enough to pass through the membrane of the plastic bag however starch and water molecules are too big to pass through the membrane.

ot: reports of a nuclear meltdown coming out of japan

they have have ordered 200000 people to evacuate and are ready to distribute iodine tablets. chance that will happen in a japanese built/run reactor. 3 mile island was bad but no deaths or

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